Anesthesia Professional Services
5501 West Gray Street
Tampa, FL 33609
P: (866) 269-2809
F: (813) 316-4813


Anesthesia Professional Services (APS) is a provider of comprehensive anesthesiology services and solutions. APS contracts with outpatient surgery centers, hospitals and private offices to address all aspects of anesthesia. Since its inception in 2000, APS has assembled and managed some of the highest quality anesthesia teams. APS is led by experienced management, who will handle all of the billing, recruitment and practice management for your facility. more about our services

The anesthesia team at your facility is one of the most critical assets to ensure profitability and growth of the entire center. APS develops groups of providers to work in a positive, collaborative environment. We also offer to retain current providers. As a result, our teams provide the best possible service to patients, surgeons and the facility. more about careers


  • APS excels in providing reliable staff, who are dedicated to superior patient care and surgeon satisfaction.
  • APS has unique business models which can assist in the revenue of your center and physician partners.
  • APS has customized anesthesia services and management solutions to address the culture, financial and operational goals and challenges that each client faces.
  • APS tailors services to your needs and preferences by recruiting new staff, utilizing your existing team, or relying on our extensive network of providers.